September 26, 2017
September 27, 2017
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RHB 600 HD

The RHB 600 HD is a very robust and easily manoeuvrable HDPE boat that can advantageously replace the more fragile RIBs.

Light, fast and dry, with a significantly increased deck-space and payload, this is an excellent workboat that retains the robustness for which our HDPE boats have become famous.

The RHB 600 HD is a basic cost-effective workboat equipped with 400 mm HDPE pipe sponson collars. These 13 mm thick sponsons have seven sealed compartments each filled with polystyrene foam rendering the craft as virtually unsinkable, as well as providing a heavy-duty fender for cushioning high impact loads.

The hull is filled with closed cell foam and complies with SAMSA safety requirements. This new hull with a kinked up bow gives the craft a dryer and faster ride compared to the previous generation. The craft has three stainless steel reinforced lifting pad-eyes which are fully embedded into the hull/sponsons.

Standard features include bench seating with up-stand gunnels, fuel tank storage under a cross seat, bow storage lockers, polypropylene side grab lines, mooring cleats, additional pad-eyes and connecting points and scupper flaps for the self-draining deck.

General Arrangement
Class Workboat
Material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Length Overall 5.86 m
Breadth 2.29 m
Depth 1.32 m
Light Draft 344 mm
Tare Weight 853 kg
Rec Max Payload 1920
ABS Max Payload 2390
Sealed Buoyancy Compartments 7
Max Personnel 11


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