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  • RHB 1050

    The RHB 1050 is a Wide beam craft, designed as an extension of the 950 hull concept which has been initially developed for use as a Scuba Replacement (SRP) Diving boat in order to give extra deck space for SRP equipment.

  • RHB 600 EHD

    The RHB 600 Extra Heavy Duty (EHD) HDPE work boat is designed for offshore bow‐catcher structures. The craft can be loaded into a standard 6-meter container and can be fitted with either single or twin outboard motors.

  • RHB 600 HD

    The RHB 600 HD is a very robust and easily manoeuvrable HDPE boat that can advantageously replace the more fragile RIBs.

  • RHB 750 EHD

    The RHB 750 EHD is specially intended for the offshore oil and gas market or any other place where the conditions are rough.

  • RHB 750 HD

    The new RHB 750 HD is an excellent and cost-effective workboat. It is light, fast and dry and offers a significantly increased deck-space and payload.

  • RHB 750 ID

    RHB 750 ID is a powerful high-speed craft designed for heavy offshore use.

  • RHB 850 EHD

    RHB 850 EHD-BIT has been conceived for the diving teams which do not want to worry about specialised skipper ticket.

  • RHB 900 MPB

    RHB 900 has been built as a 9 m MPB/RPB (Military Patrol Boat/Riverine Patrol Boat) which can be powered by a twin Yanmar 315 hp diesel and 251 series Ultra-jets and has a top speed of 38 knots.

  • RHB 950

    The RHB 950 ID is a large High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) workboat that is ideally suited for use as a Dive SRP boat as well as a personnel transfer boat.

  • RHB 950 Water Taxi

    RHB 950 can be converted as a convenient and robust HDPE water taxi boat for personnel transfer use.