HDPE Work Boats Rental


Do you need HDPE boats for rent?

Our HDPE boat rental is a great replacement to rigid inflatable boats and better for long-term use and harsh conditions. Check our available HDPE boats for rent or let us know your rental requirements so we can create a boat rental solution for you.

Our super-strength HDPE boats are favoured by offshore oil and gas industry clients across the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. They make outstandingly reliable, low-maintenance workboats, personnel transfer boats and scuba replacement boats (SRP).


Multi-purpose and tailored to meet the requirements of specific customers and challenging sites


RHB 600

The rental HDPE 600 can be supplied as HD models only. It can be loaded for shipment into a standard 6-meter container. This small HDPE boat is designed for use with single or twin outboard motors and would be supplied with a single Diesel outboard only or engine can be provided by the client.

Approximate Dimensions and Weights
The RHB 600 HD is a basic cost-effective workboat equipped with 400 mm HDPE pipe sponson collars. These 13 mm thick sponsons have seven sealed compartments each filled with polystyrene foam rendering the craft as virtually unsinkable, as well as providing a heavy-duty fender for cushioning high impact loads. The hull is filled with closed cell foam and complies with SAMSA safety requirements. This new hull with a kinked up bow gives the craft a dryer and faster ride compared to the previous generation. The craft has three stainless steel reinforced lifting pad-eyes which are fully embedded into the hull/sponsons. Length 5.9 m;
Beam 2.3 m;
Depth overall 1.3m (HD) & 1.6m (EHD);
Light draft 0.35m (HD) & 0.4m (EHD);
Bare hull Mass 853 kg (HD) and 1030 kg (EHD);
Recommended Payload (with 50mm freeboard to deck) 1950 kg (HD) & 1750 (EHD).
With Handrails SRP mount Tiller arm D27-D36 diesel outboards

RHB 750

The rental HDPE 750 can be supplied as HD models only. It is a readily transportable boat that can fit upright inside a standard 12-meter container

By effectively reducing the cross-section of the pipe sponsons and relocating them more optimally we were able to achieve a relatively large deck space whilst keeping within a standard container width for convenient transport and shipping. In essence, we have redesigned the craft to get greater weight efficiency, a significantly increased payload and a more stable high-performance hull. It is an ideal platform for smaller SRP systems.

Approximate Dimensions and Weights
Basic 750 tiller operated:
Length 7.5 m;
Beam 2.3 m;
Depth overall 1.3m (HD) & 1.6m (EHD);
Light draft 0.3m (HD) & 0.35m (EHD);
Bare hull Mass 1100 kg (HD) and 130 kg (EHD);
Recommended Payload (with 50mm freeboard to deck) 2200 kg (HD) & 2000 (EHD).
With Canopy Oxe Diesel Outboard Engine – 200hp

Four facts about HDPE Boats

Extremely Versatile

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is an extremely versatile material that is utilized for a number of engineering works. It possesses the perfect synthesis of properties to make indestructible boats.

Incredibly Lightweight

HDPE is known for its high strength-to-density ratio. It can range from 0.93 to 0.97 g/cm3 or 970 kg/m3 which makes HDPE lighter than water.

The Winning Alternative to RIBs

Rigid Inflatable Boats were usually the primary choice for marine transport but as time went by it posed a lot of drawbacks, all of which have been triumphed by HDPE boats.

High Resistance

With an HDPE boat, you will never have to concern yourself with impacts, marine growth, chemicals, and the list goes on.