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Why HDPE Boats?


Low density and light-weight HDPE offers ultra-buoyancy, even if a boat becomes submerged


The elastic properties of HDPE make our boats almost impossible to damage. Unlike inflatable boats, sharp rocks, industrial structures, rocky beaches and shallow waters pose no threat to the indestructible hull

UV resistant

HDPE doesn’t become brittle in the harsh Middle Eastern sun

Resistant to the elements

Unlike aluminium boats, HDPE boats are completely resistant to marine-growth, and oxygen, salt and water corrosion meaning extremely low maintenance


Unlike Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) there is no vulnerable air cushion

Resilient to chemicals

HDPE is formulated to have great resistance to most common chemicals, abrasive materials, and fuels which makes it perfect for heavy industrial use


HDPE boats have 50% more deckspace than RIBs and inflatable boats


The carbon footprint of HDPE is five times lower than aluminium and our boats are completely recyclable. The resistance to marine growth and salt water eradicates the need for toxic anti-fouling cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is HDPE?
Our HDPE Workboats are fabricated from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is a ductile, high strength plastic with excellent abrasion, ultraviolet (UV) and chemical resistance.
2Who needs an indestructible workboat?

Our HDPE Workboats are specially intended for rough environment conditions. They are exclusively fabricated for marine construction, same with offshore oil and gas industry, and military use.

3What are the uses of HDPE Boats?
Their high-speed and durability mean that HDPE boats are ideal for military and law enforcement. They have been customised as police boats, sea and rescue boats, and firefighting boats. They have even been used as stunt boats, and dive boats for industry and tourism.
4How durable is an HDPE boat?
HDPE is ideally suited to use in harsh environments and is easier to repair by relatively unskilled staff when damaged. The HDPE boat hulls have been well tested and proven in harsh offshore conditions impacting with solid and floating steel structures. The hulls and superstructure are made from extrusion welded HDPE pipe and sheet, and the craft incorporates pontoon seating & up-stand gunnels, lifting pad-eyes, deck lashing pad eyes, consoles, and lockers.
5Are these boats tried and tested?
The hydro-dynamically efficient hulls have been designed and developed in cooperation with naval architects and have been tested to create robust and virtually indestructible workboats for use with outboard motors as well as inboard diesel with jet drives. Over the last 10 years, these hulls have been optimised and proven in extreme offshore conditions including impacting with solid structures.

Choose your boat

Our Flexible Fleet

Customers can choose between petrol outboard engines or inboard diesel motors. The inboard engines come in water jet drive and Z-drive (stern drive) versions.

The interior is completely customisable and can be easily designed for your bespoke needs. Need to maximise seating or storage? Require a cargo flatbed configuration? Want to add a canopy or accessories? No problem. Contact us so we can discuss the right boat for your job.

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